I have the highest of standards when it comes to the products that I use & recommend. Every line I have chosen to bring into the studio is special in that they are small batch, female owned, local companies. Every product is completely free of synthetic ingredients, preservatives, parabens, phthalates & all other potentially toxic ingredients. Every product is carefully formulated using organic, natural & wild crafted ingredients & is ideal for anyone searching for beautiful, nourishing skincare.


Wilder North Botanicals

New Hampshire

Wilder North Botanicals is a New Hampshire based small batch skincare line owned & operated by Marissa Masterson. I first fell in love with Wilder North after trying the Blue Serenity Serum. I had never used blue tansy before that & it is, in my opinion, one of the most perfect skincare ingredients. Not only do I love every single product that I've ever tried from Marissa, I am continually impressed by her thoughtful customer service. In addition to carrying Wilder North Botanicals in studio for purchase, I use Professional Wilder North masks & serums in my treatments.


Heart Grown Wild


Heart Grown Wild is a Vermont based small batch skincare line owned & operated by SantaLena Groves. Before finding SantaLena, I was recommending hydrosols from Whole Foods & had no body care available for my beautiful clients. Heart Grown Wild is special in that the entire line is seasonal to New England & exactly what our skin needs at any given time of year. In addition to carrying Heart Grown Wild hydrosols & bath & body products in studio for purchase, I offer an exquisite CBD facial featuring Heart Grown Wild CBD infused masks & serums.


Elmore Mountain Therapeutics


Elmore Mountain Therapeutics is a small company based in Vermont offering full spectrum CBD tinctures & topicals owned & operated by Ashley Reynolds. EMT's hemp is 100% sourced from Vermont farms. Ashley is passionate about delivering the absolute highest quality CBD through exclusive Co2 extraction techniques. She is a wealth of knowledge in regard to incorporating CBD into your life to improve your health & well being. In addition to carrying Elmore Mountain Therapeutics tinctures & salt scrub in studio for purchase, I incorporate EMT CBD into a customized tincture for you to enjoy as part of my exquisite CBD facial.
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Many products are available in studio for pickup. Simply click the button below to inquire about current inventory or if you have any questions.